Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a paid digital advertising model used by advertisers to create brand awareness, gain required traction, and promote business offerings in various digital channels. With PPC marketing, marketers pay each time a search user clicks on the displayed paid ads. 

Often people assume that PPC marketing is only used by search engines, which is clearly a misconception. Pay-Per-Click ads go beyond search engines and Google Display Network. In fact, the PPC advertising model can also be used for various social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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What Are the 4 C's of PPC Advertising

Marketing consists of the 4 P’s – Price, Product, Place, and Promotion. Similarly, in PPC advertising, there are four imperative elements that marketers should be aware of - The 4 C’s of Pay-Per-Click marketing are:

Click Through Rate, commonly known as CTR, is one of the crucial metrics in PPC campaign management every advertiser should monitor and focus on. Implementing strategies and achieving a high click-through rate is imperative for Pay-Per-Click ad success. Why?

Cost Per Click (CPC) is a common term used in paid advertising models where advertisers pay a certain amount to publishers for every click on their displayed ads. CPC is important for PPC advertising as it determines the financial success of your paid campaign management and how much these paid ads will cost you.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is yet another crucial element of a successful Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign. Having a good CPA means getting a sufficient audience at a profitable rate while remaining competitive enough to ensure your brand reaches new heights. But why is it important for your PPC marketing?

Conversion Rate (CR) is a percentage of the target audience who convert after clicking on a paid advertisement. Keeping track of your conversion rate is imperative in PPC marketing as it indicates the success of the campaign. Your PPC conversion rate is closely related to the income generated from your ads.

What Are PPC Services?

San Diego SEO Process

Google Ads

Rank on the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) with search and display network ads. Such PPC ads are one of the most effective ways for businesses to drive qualified, relevant traffic to their sites. With Google Search and Display Network Ads, you can easily target the right audience and control your PPC marketing spend.


Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are usually visible above or beside the main search results. The carousel format allows potential customers to view the product and compare prices on SERP before clicking on the desired ad. Every click you are paying for has a higher chance of customer conversions, making Google Shopping ads super effective and leveraging!


Bing Advertising

Most small businesses and medium-sized enterprises believe investing in Bing advertising is not worth it, but they should reconsider their decisions. Such forms of PPC services use a similar auction model as Google Ads, and advertisers can leverage countless benefits from the low competition – from high ad ranking to low CPC.


Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon PPC advertising is one of the most popular PPC services online businesses are preferring these days. Such PPC services allow Amazon sellers to create brand awareness, increase sales, and boost store visits through sponsored ads. With Pay-Per-Click management services, you can organize your PPC campaign and boost your profit margin.


YouTube Advertising

With creative and memorable YouTube ads, you can connect with your potential customers and boost brand awareness. As a Pay-Per-Click management company, we help you understand advanced YouTube targeting options, set up a video marketing campaign, and provide inputs on creating ads that resonate with your audience.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the most popular Pay-Per-Click marketing options. Such PPC services are paid messages that businesses place on feeds. With Facebook ads, advertisers can reach a maximum number of target audiences. If you want to reach a wider audience, generate new leads, and boost conversions, Facebook ads are your best option!


Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are popular and an excellent way to advertise your product/services to your target audience. Such digital advertising services allow advertisers to specifically target individuals who can engage and show interest in your business offering. The best part? You require a PPC budget as low as $1 per day!


LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are a gold mine and for a good reason! Such advertising form allows you to increase conversion rates and boost higher engagement rates at a low cost per acquisition, especially using LinkedIn's conversion tracking tool. If you need better ad results at a lower cost, you should consider LinkedIn ads are a part of your marketing strategy.


Google Remarketing

If you want to generate 2X revenue and reach high-converting customers, remarketing is your best option. Remarketing/Retargeting ads target people who once visited your site and compel them to buy/use your product/service. Unlike other digital advertising services, remarketing is cost-effective and provides excellent results.

Our PPC Marketing Services

Keyword Research &

As a PPC advertising agency, we use various tools and software to determine your target user’s search behavior and identify keywords that may appear in their searches. We also perform keyword research to discover industry-specific keywords and categorize them based on the search volume and competition. Our PPC experts will constantly update the keyword list to reach a maximum audience

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Landing Page
Conversion Optimization

Our PPC agency can also assist you with increasing relevant, qualified leads through paid ads. We do everything and anything to make your paid efforts recognized by your target audience – from creating strong copy headlines and using high-performing keywords to placing catchy CTAs on your landing pages. We can also integrate your SEO efforts with potential PPC advertising practices.

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PPC Management

Partnering with a Pay-Per-Click management company for your PPC campaign means adopting a systematic and seamless approach. Our PPC management process consists of performing keyword research and analysis, creating conversion-driven strategies, launching and monitoring PPC campaigns, and considering A/B testing. Work with our PPC management agency to tailor a successful Pay-Per-Click management plan.

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Paid Search

Our PPC agency will assist you with positioning your brand on top of the search results with paid search ads. Clickmatix’s PPC experts work on creating result-driven ad strategies, identifying potential HV keywords, optimizing PPC bidding strategies, and tracking generated ROI. These PPC management practices will further improve your Click Through Rate (CTR), Quality Score, and impressions.

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Ads A/B Split

Our Pay-Per-Click advertising agency will compare the PPC campaigns to determine the best impact of your ads. We test different elements, like image, headline, layout, and CTA, of your page to understand which potential PPC advertising campaign will provide satisfying results. The result generated allow us to tweak your upcoming paid campaigns and work on areas that could improvise the overall ad performance.

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Conversion Rate
Optimization (CRO)

Creating creative and engaging ads is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your target audience and turn them into potential customers. As a Pay-Per-Click agency, we write attention-grabbing PPC ads, create creative landing page designs, and ensure user-friendly lead forms to increase conversions and Quality Score. Contact our PPC agency to generate maximum ROI via paid ads without exhausting your ad spending.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-Per-Click management services are one of the most powerful and effective ways to boost conversions and increase ROI. Such paid marketing efforts offer valuable opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience and boost revenue. Here are a few reasons why businesses should invest in PPC management services:

  1. Improved Brand Visibility
  2. Fast, Effective Results.
  3. Low Barrier to Entry
  4. Detailed Customer Targeting
  5. Easy Experimentation
  6. Rapid and Consistent Traffic
  7. Measurable Data
  8. Incredibly cost-effective

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) is paid ads displayed on various marketing channels – from search engines to social media platforms. As the name suggests, you have to pay search engines or site owners every time a customer clicks on your ad. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), on the other hand, allows sites to rank on SERP without paying anything. When done correctly, SEO efforts can offer you long-term, quantifiable results. 

A professional PPC company will assist you with increasing conversions and generating more revenue.

Your PPC ad spend will depend on your overall goal, expectation, and budget. Our Pay-Per-Click advertising agency calculates the possible spending by understanding your current conversion volume, CPC, and ROI generated. For example, if you want 10 conversions per day and your average CPC is $10, your ad spend should be $100/day. Based on these three aspects, you can easily determine how much you should spend on PPC and learn the expected results.

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