Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers countless benefits to businesses across market verticals, especially ecommerce stores. With ecommerce SEO, you can drive relevant audiences and generate qualified leads. Casual search users are likely to search for a product and buy it from ecommerce stores, which means your potential customer is right there! 

Ecommerce SEO allows you to reach your target audience by optimizing your online store with relevant and niche/product-based keywords. Apart from reaching the target audience, ecommerce SEO can also help increase website ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). Ranking on top of SERP means gaining increased site visibility and more potential customers. 

Drive High-Value

Some shopping enthusiasts prefer looking for their favorite product online rather than buying it in-store. In fact, they are more than ready to buy a particular product at any cost. Hence, they need to know your store exists. With ecommerce SEO, you can increase your site visibility, drive potential customers, and maximize profit.

Optimize Your
Product Line

As an ecommerce store, you would have an extensive product line – ranging from a small, curated selection to a large collection. No matter the size of the product line, it is imperative to direct your target audience to your store when searching online. Their ultimate search should lead to your product followed by your online store.

Improve Online

There are millions of ecommerce stores on the internet offering the same product as yours. Due to a saturated market and high competition, your online store might become vulnerable to risk, including lower SERP ranking, fewer leads, limited purchase orders, and less revenue.

Compete Against

Sometimes selling the same (or similar) product as your competitor limit your online store growth. Your competitors will be eyeing the same set audience as you, and by the time a few reaches your store, they may reconsider their buying decision. You can easily overcome such a competitive market by choosing ecommerce SEO.

Why You Choose Clickmatix for Ecommerce SEO Services?

At Clickmatix, we believe every ecommerce store has something different to offer, and want to achieve desired goals. That’s why we focus on creating tailored ecommerce SEO strategies that aim to get your online business noticeable in this highly competitive world. We are not a typical ecommerce SEO agency or ecommerce SEO consultant that sets unrealistic goals for clients.

Partner with an ecommerce SEO agency to scale your online store and thrive in your industry.


While some ecommerce businesses expect immediate returns after implementing ecommerce SEO strategies, it is vital to realize that ecommerce SEO is a progressive process. Noticing a visible difference may take some time, and Clickmatix will be with you throughout the process. We help ecommerce businesses to attain progressive yet profitable growth and ensure success.


Before choosing any ecommerce SEO company with your online store, it is important to learn about their industry expertise. Clickmatix offers ecommerce businesses unparalleled expertise. Our team of ecommerce SEO consultants is well-versed in the fast-paced changes in the industry, and ensures you achieve the best results - from increasing revenue to improving online rankings.


Clickmatix value client transparency. That’s why we ensure all ecommerce SEO reports show genuine progress and results. We don’t believe in keeping track records hidden or out of client reach. Your ecommerce SEO progress is equal to our success. The more your online business grows via our ecommerce SEO services, the more confidence we have in our performance and outcome.

Tailored Ecommerce
SEO Services

Every ecommerce business is unique and deserves a personalized approach to ensure the best results. That’s why Clickmatix focuses on customized and powerful SEO strategies. We invest our time to learn about your online store, industry, business offerings, and overall goals. Our team of ecommerce SEO consultants works with you to create tailored ecommerce strategies that will get your online store on top of SERP.

ROI-Driven Ecommerce
SEO Agency

Unlike other SEO agencies for ecommerce, Clickmatix focuses on achieving progressive, long-term goals and building meaningful connections with clients. We implement comprehensive and goal-oriented ecommerce SEO strategies that generate quantifiable results and ensure an excellent return on investment. Our ecommerce SEO expert will ensure your online store achieve success and growth.

Genuine and
REAL Results

With our result and performance-driven ecommerce SEO strategies, we’ve generated 2X revenue for our clients. We have the tenacity to drive actual results rather than making any false commitments. What we commit is what we deliver. Whether you want to expand your ecommerce business, build a new product line, or increase sales, our Clickmatix team will be with you at every step.

Search Engine Optimisation Process



Before making any changes to your ecommerce website, we perform in-depth research on identifying niche-based keywords and phrases commonly used by search users. Keyword identification allows us to establish an effective ecommerce SEO strategy for your business. Our ecommerce SEO experts use keyword research tools to identify the right set of keywords that will get your ecommerce store on top.



Upon identifying the right keywords and phrases, we focus on implementing them into your website content. Our ecommerce SEO experts use these high-value, relevant keywords in various sections, including homepage, page titles, meta and product descriptions, image alt text, and more. Adding these keywords to your website will allow search engines to understand the site's relevancy and rank it higher on top of SERP.


Product Page

For ecommerce stores, informative product pages matter the most. These web pages are significant because they may rank for a specific keyword or phrase on search engines. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your product pages with long-tail keywords and ensure the page title, description, and information mentioned are valid. Our ecommerce SEO services include optimizing product pages with relevant images to offer insights into the context of search engines.



Whether the website visitor will buy anything from your store will depend on their site user experience. Therefore, having a user-friendly and easily navigating website becomes crucial. SEO services for ecommerce websites include making your website navigating and user-friendly. No matter the size of the product line, we will ensure your site is easy-to-navigate and provides appropriate information about product categories to website visitors. We will help you increase conversions and reduce the potential bounce rate.



Competing online in a highly saturated market can be challenging. However, by adding SEO value and capturing the attention of shoppers through content creation, you can generate maximum leads for your ecommerce store. Our ecommerce SEO experts will create a powerful content strategy (in the form of a blog, guest articles, and press releases) that will allow search engines to rank your site on SERP and drive maximum traffic. We will work together to determine and implement the best content strategy for your business.

Scale Your Online Store with Ecommerce SEO Services

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Our Clients

Our passionate marketers, result-generating strategies, and digital expertise helped some of our clients to maximize their online presence and attain 4-5x ROI.

Our Ecommerce SEO
Services Include

Custom Ecommerce
SEO Strategy

We understand how unique your business and product line is. That’s why all ecommerce strategies are customized as per your need. Our ecommerce SEO expertise and industry knowledge allow us to create tailored, niche-oriented SEO strategies for ecommerce businesses.

Technical Website

To keep your website technically sound, we perform in-depth, 360° ecommerce website reviews. We analyze the codes and identify potential SEO issues, including duplicate titles, HTTP header responses, missing ALT tags, 404 errors, and other crucial technical on-page SEO elements.


We compile a list of high-volume and relevant keywords/phrases often used by search users to rank your ecommerce website on search engines and drive required traffic. To ensure you select the right set of keywords/phrases, we use advanced keyword tools and SEO industry knowledge.

Website Speed

Website speed is one of the most crucial parts of an ecommerce SEO campaign. Your website speed will determine whether the website visitor will shop with you. We will ensure your website provides a positive user experience to visitors while maintaining the Core Web Vital scores in Google Search Console.

SEO Audit

Performing timely ecommerce SEO audit ensure your website is technically sound and delivers quantifiable results. Our ecommerce SEO experts provide in-depth website audit reports that help determine potential content gaps, backlink issues, technical errors, and more website issues.

Category and Product
Page Optimization

Product and category pages drive maximum traffic to your ecommerce website, especially potential shoppers. You can reach more customers by optimizing your category and product pages. We use proven category and product page optimization methods to ensure higher conversion and success.

Attract more customers
through the web

When you partner with us, We'll help you use the web to attract more potential clients to your company.

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Our Top Ecommerce

Shopify SEO

Powering more than 3,600,000 live websites across the globe, Shopify is one of the most commonly used ecommerce platforms among small and large businesses. As a Shopify SEO company, we work on Shopify elements every day – from template optimization and code modification to drafting quality content.

Magento SEO

Magento is a popular open-source PHP-based eCommerce platform that powers more than 180,000 live websites across the globe. It offers access to hundreds of features that help eCommerce business owners to connect to their target audience and sell products. With Magento SEO, we help eCommerce businesses to achieve desired results.

WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plug-in that converts any WordPress website into a complete eCommerce platform. Often used for an eCommerce website with a small, curated product line, WooCommerce is ideal for anyone who understands how WordPress works and wants to thrive in their eCommerce platform.

Squarespace SEO

Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders and content management systems used by eCommerce businesses across the globe. This all-in-one CMS allows you to create a website, register a custom domain name, host content, sell products online, track analytics, and more.


Wix is a leveraging website-building platform that allows you to build a website from the scratch free of cost. Using this ecommerce platform, you can build user-friendly and SEO-friendly websites. You can easily edit and update your Wix website without having any technical knowledge.

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SEO helps your ecommerce website to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), thus ensuring a higher level of traffic. With a high ranking on search engines, you can attract potential customers, generate qualified leads, and drive more sales.

Yes! Almost 33% of ecommerce website traffic comes from organic search, which means your potential customer is right there! So if you want to drive relevant traffic to your product pages and generate maximum conversion, ecommerce SEO is the best choice!

Ecommerce SEO is a slow and progressive process, which means it may take several months to show actual results. If an ecommerce SEO company promises instant results, you should change your mind. Instead, partner with the best ecommerce SEO company – Clickmatix.  

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