By choosing Clickmatix as your WordPress development company, you can unlock intuitive and feature-rich WordPress web development tactics. Our tailored WordPress development services in the USA ensure online businesses attain their desired goals by developing an SEO-friendly and easy-to-use website.

Our WordPress web developers use proven, performance-driven web development practices to build secure and appealing business websites. We deliver highly optimized and SEO-smart solutions to all your project-based concerns and handle WordPress web development complexities with utmost professionalism and vigilance. 

What Do Our SEO Services


WordPress development services are more than just using a variety of complex programming languages to create unique web codes. From web designing and server and network configuration to content management system (CMS) development, we provide a wide range of WordPress support services. WordPress development company, we will work with you to create a magnificent website user experience.

Custom Web

Implementing the right custom WordPress development technique is crucial for any business. As a business owner, you would want to add a personal touch to your web designs to build a unique and competitive website. However, sometimes, excessive customization can make your website look unappealing and confusing to use.

PSD To Wordpress

PSD (Photoshop Design) to WordPress development is a widely used and preferred technique to add eccentric designs to the website theme. However, not many are aware of the right tools and practices to convert PSD files to web page designs. We work on intelligent and SEO-smart frameworks to convert complex photoshop layers to web page designs.


WordPress plugins are the ultimate game changer for any business website. With WordPress plugin development service, you can create a solid foundation for your future web design activities. Through WordPress plugin development, you can add functionality, improve existing features, and increase flexibility to customize web features as per your requirements. Our experienced and highly skilled team of WordPress plugin developers use modern marketing tactics to implement breakthrough features to your business website.

Maintenance &

It is easier to publish great content on WordPress. However, frequent updates and regular maintenance of the website can be challenging. It usually starts with one plugin update and eventually leads to the whole WordPress software update. We implement the best and most reliable industry practices to remove unethical customization and keep your website bug-free throughout your services.

WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce maintenance is more than just tracking frequent updates and cleaning unnecessary data from the system. As an e-commerce business owner, it becomes your responsibility to protect your user’s sensitive information and personal data. Our WooCommerce development services include a comprehensive range of services - from maintaining your e-commerce websites with conventional practices to protecting your website from frequent cyber attacks.

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WordPress Project Development Process


In-depth Research

The first stage of WordPress website development services starts with in-depth research about your business practices. In this stage, our dedicated professionals will perform comprehensive research about industry trends, market competition, business aims, target audiences, and other imperative aspects that can make your website stand out from the competition and achieve higher ranks.


Web Design

Following the in-depth analysis, our design team will work on bringing your business vision to life by combining technical know-how with creative ideas to the table. With our mobile-friendly strategies, we use custom WordPress development tools and design elements to create a responsive and functional site for a seamless user experience. Layout, images, fonts, and colors are vital elements of our WordPress development services.


WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress plugins play an essential role in the overall web development process. With WordPress plugins, you can easily add new features, such as contact forms, product galleries, sliders, subscription forms, and more. These features will increase the speed and improve SEO tactics for higher rankings. We follow the best coding practices to integrate plugins for a satisfying user experience.



Once the WordPress plugin development task is completed, it’s time to test the compatibility and functionality of the website. Our specialists will perform testing to determine typographical errors, loading speed, and infrastructure bugs before your website goes online. We perform necessary testing campaigns to ensure tangible results and improve website performance levels.


Site Launch

Site launch is the crucial and final step of the WordPress web development process. Our web design specialists will create a unique and effective launch plan for your website to ensure a smooth transition and data migration during the site launching process. We also focus on promoting your business through high-quality content marketing and effective marketing campaigns.



As a recognized WordPress website development company, we know exactly how vital website maintenance is. Our services don’t end after we launch your site online. After launching your website, our web developers maintain your website by frequently updating content, removing unethical codes, keeping it bug-free, and protecting your website from cyber hackers. Instead, the complexity of the process begins once the site is launched online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is a full-featured content management system (CMS) that is much more than just a blogging platform. Some of the top benefits of using WordPress development services include:  

  • Free WordPress Web Development Services – WordPress is free and can be accessible by any size of business enterprise. 


  • Anytime Access – If you have a good internet connection, you can anytime and anywhere update your business website and make significant changes. 


  • Better Content Marketing Campaigns- With the WordPress theme, you can update your site’s design within a fraction of a second and create relevant content for your target audiences. 


  • Social Media Integration- WordPress makes it simpler and easier to update content on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. 
  • High-Security- You can protect your site’s security and make it hack-proof by self-hosting your websites or managing your hosting on other platforms. 


Several factors are considered when deciding the cost structure of your WordPress development services charge. Hence, it can be challenging to state the exact cost of your services. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to know how much WordPress web developers charge throughout the services. 

Yes, WordPress plugins are particularly made up of PHP code and can include other elements such as images, CSS, and Javascript. So, for wp plugin development, it is vital to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. 

With the right development tool and knowledge, it takes a few days to develop a fully responsive and functional WooCommerce website. To know more about WooCommerce development services, get in touch with us. 

You can use the WordPress maintenance plugin to update or maintain your business website without messing up your code. Clean your WordPress database, run a security check, create a backup WordPress website, and use standard-quality plugins to avoid inconvenience while performing regular website maintenance and inspections. 

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