What is Dental SEO? Is It Worth It?

Dental search engine optimization, better known as dental SEO, is a process of driving relevant traffic to your dentistry website and increasing site ranking in the search engine result page (SERP). High website ranking allows your prospects to check and choose your dentistry over others.

Acquire high-value prospects

Build a meaningful connection with your patients.

Lower acquisition costs

Reduce your CPA and maximize your ROI

Attract and convert leads

Attract prospects and convert them into loyal patients

Drive traffic to your website

Steer traffic and boost your conversions.

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Why Do Dentists Need
Local SEO?

Local SEO for dentists is one of the best ways to win more patients and generate ROI. Here’s why dentists should invest in dental search engine optimization.

Visibility and Branding

If you want your local patients to locate your dentistry online, you should improve your brand visibility and rank on search engines. Better brand visibility and higher ranking will allow your potential patients to filter and choose your dentistry over others. With targeted keywords and common industry phrases, you can acquire the top spot and create brand awareness.

Increased Traffic

Having a dental website ranking on the first pages of search engines means receiving maximum clicks and impressions, leading to increased site traffic. SEO for dentists aims to optimize niche-oriented and keyword-based title tags and meta descriptions, which contributes to increased brand visibility, CTR, and eventually website traffic.

Brand Credibility

Your search engine ranking will determine how your potential customers think about your brand. Dental SEO practices allow you to build impactful business credibility using relevant industry keywords and phrases. They believe if a search engine considers your dentistry website relevant and authoritative enough to rank on the first page of SERP, it’s trustable.

Increased ROI

Unlike other advertising and marketing channels, SEO offers progressive and long-term growth. Having dental SEO strategies in place may reward your dental practice in the form of an increased return on investment. Investing in SEO for a dentist is one of the best ways to achieve your digital goals and win more patients online.


Dental SEO is one of the most cost-effective advertising and marketing channels that ensure quantifiable results for your dentist practice. Unlike other marketing strategies like cold-calling, a result-driven SEO strategy can help you save thousands and generate desired results. Besides, the amount invested in SEO will give you scalable returns.

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SEO services are search engine optimization services offered by agencies, companies, freelancers, or consultants to improve and enhance your online presence. An SEO service provider will help optimize your website and boost its performance to ensure you attain desired results. Most SEO companies incorporate organic keywords relevant to your business to increase your overall online presence.

Opting for SEO services can boost your website’s performance and visibility in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and drive required (and relevant) traffic to the site. But that’s not all! Professional SEO services will ensure your business continues to drive sales and generate maximum revenue by implementing a custom SEO strategy that works like a charm.

Increased Visibility for Your Clinic

SEO for the dentist does improve your clinic’s ranking on search engines. However, one of the concealed benefits of dentist SEO is increasing online visibility for your clinic. Dental website SEO allows you to build solid visibility in a search engine by simply focusing on getting clinic reviews from patients and ensuring an active social media presence. More clinic visibility equals better site traffic.

More Access to Local Patients

As a health service provider, you must already be aware of one of the most essential aspects of business success – customer acquisition. For dentistry, local SEO for dentists can prove to be a powerful tool for winning more patients. With local dental search engine practices, you can target locally-focused keywords for dentists, make your online clinic visible, drive traffic, and generate qualified leads.

Improved Clinic Credibility

Your clinic’s reputation and credibility will ultimately contribute to more success. Dentists conducting dental practice should invest in SEO to establish a strong online presence on search engines and emerge as a reliable service. You can build your clinic’s online credibility by encouraging patients to leave reviews. These reviews will help search engines to rank your clinic easily and allow you to build a positive online reputation.

Easy-To-Use and Attractive Website

Most patients prefer searching for a dentist online on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To rank and attract your target audience on search engines, you need an engaging, user-friendly, and captivating website. A dental SEO company can help you design a website that contributes to SERP ranking, site traffic, lead generation, and improved patient experience.

Why Choose Clickmatix for Dental SEO Service?

Google Partner Agency

Clickmatix takes pride in working as a Google Partner Agency, meaning you can rest assured about your dentist marketing efforts generating quantifiable results.

Clients = Partners

We think of our clients as partners. We become an extension of your existing marketing team and work together to win more patients.

Lower Marketing Cost

Being active in a digital platform comes with a price. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with tailored and low-cost dental marketing solutions.

No Long-Term Contracts

With Clickmatix, you are not bounded by a set long-term contract with countless prints. Choose a plan suitable to your project bandwidth.

Dental SEO Marketing Experience

Our dental SEO experts are well-versed in working with dental practices. So, make the most of our dental SEO services and win more patients.

Multichannel Expertise

Clickmatix’s dental SEO marketing strategy is not limited to one channel. We help you look at the bigger picture using a multichannel approach.

How Do You Calculate the ROI for Dental SEO?

San Diego SEO Process


The number of times people viewed your content.



The number of people visiting your website.



Number of leads your dental SEO marketing efforts generate.


Conversion Rate

The number of leads responding to dental SEO marketing efforts.


Lead Close Rate

The number of leads converted into patients via dental SEO marketing efforts.


Patient Lifetime Value

The amount of money a patient spends when visiting your clinic.


Cost per Lead

Amount spent on each lead.


Cost per Acquisition

Amount spent on conversions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know there's a lot of information out there about Dental internet marketing, but not all of it is accurate. Let our Dental digital marketing specialists guide you through the process with these commonly asked questions.

The cost of your dental marketing or Dental SEO services depends on your competition and your objectives. We’ll tailor a campaign that takes your budget into account, so you know exactly what you’re paying for at all times.

This depends on your goals. If you’re after instant results, pay-per-click advertising through Google Ads is often the best choice. If you’re after long-term website traffic and leads, SEO is the way to go. At the start of your collaboration with us, we’ll discuss the best solutions available through our dental marketing agency.

There is no hard and fast number to generating results, but you can expect them to happen quickly if you take the time to set your campaign up correctly (like through the use of an agency). If you’re using PPC solutions, results are rapid; meanwhile, SEO can take more time to gain traction but delivers long-term, long-lasting results instead.

From start to finish, we’ll provide you with transparent reporting that shows you exactly where your investment is going and how your campaigns are performing. You’ll never be kept in the dark. If you’re ever unsure about anything across your strategy, we’ll always be there to answer your questions.

High-quality Dental SEO services are the best way for dentists to achieve growth and acquire high-value patients. The trick is remaining consistent and patient. You also need to target the appropriate audience, which is something our experts will make sure you’re doing in any type of solution.

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