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In today’s digital world, building a strong reputation and outshining your competitors is a tough nut to crack. With over two billion websites vying for attention, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. To stand out, businesses need to focus on creating high-quality content, conducting effective keyword research, and developing a well-planned, marketing strategy. But with so much to manage, it can be overwhelming for a business to handle everything on its own. That’s where Clickmatix comes in.

As a leading Google shopping ads agency, Clickmatix specializes in crafting bespoke Google Shopping campaigns that help businesses drive relevant traffic, boost sales, and build a lasting online reputation. With advanced tools and techniques, Google Shopping management agency helps businesses get noticed by the right people at the right time, leading to improved conversion rates and increased profits. So why struggle to get back to the grindstone when you can partner with Clickmatix to achieve your business goals?


Increased Website Clicks

Instantly boost your website clicks with our proven strategies.

Increased Website Conversions

Convert more organic website visitors into paying customers with our expert tactics.

Decreased Your Cost Per Conversion

Lower your cost per conversion with our crisp and cost-effective solutions.

Increased Overall Awareness

Improve the overall awareness of your brand with our strategic marketing solutions.

Our Google Shopping Management Services

Clickmatix helps you by crafting tailored Ad packages to meet your goals within your budget. Our personalized approaches, crystal-clear progress updates, and well-tested ad techniques generate outcomes that satisfy each of our clients.

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Google Merchant Center Setup and Management

Elevate your online sales game by allowing Google Merchant Center setup and management to showcase your product listings on Google Shopping. The appropriate setup and management of this account can catch the attention of potential clients and redirect them to your website.

Google Shopping Setup & Management

Put your products in the spotlight and increase sales on your online stores by using Google Shopping setup and management. By creating and maintaining a Google Shopping account, you can catch the attention of potential customers and drive traffic to your website.

Shopping Feed Optimization

Maximise the performance of your Google Ads campaign with shopping feed optimization. By refining the product data in your shopping feed, you can increase relevance, accuracy, and quality, leading to higher click-through rates and more conversions for your online stores.

AB Testing

ine-tune the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign with AB testing. This involves crafting multiple versions of an ad and analyzing their performance to improve click-through rates and ROI. Get the most out of your ads and maximize your investment.

Optimize & Improve Campaigns

Enhance the potential of your Google Ads campaign by optimizing and improving your strategy. By scrutinizing performance data and making tweaks to boost ad relevance, targeting, and drive ROI positive sales, you can increase your click-through rates and get improved conversions for a successful business.


Reporting & Insights

Gain a competitive edge in your Google Ads campaigns by leveraging reporting insights. Through analysis of performance data, you can discover your campaign’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, enabling data-driven decisions to optimize your ad strategy and stay ahead of the game.

Types of Google Shopping ads


Product Shopping Ads

magine having your product showcased at the top of search results, complete with an enticing image, price, and brand name. That’s the power of shopping ads, as they are the perfect way to drive targeted traffic and boost sales for your website.


Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase shopping ads are the solution for standing out in a crowded online marketplace. These visually striking ads display a range of related products, helping customers discover and compare options from multiple merchants. It’s the perfect way to drive sales and boost your brand’s online presence.


Local Inventory Ad

Bring local consumers to your doorstep with local inventory ads. These Google Ads showcase your in-store products, complete with availability, pricing, and store info, making it easy for nearby customers to find and purchase what they need. Boost your football and sales with this powerful ad format.

Power Up Your Business with Our Comprehensive Google Ads Services

Google Ads Management

Clickmatix uses goal-oriented strategies to craft unique and goal-centric ads that drive traffic, clicks, and conversions. With advanced resources and tools, we target potential customers to ensure maximum sales and profit. Reach out to our professional & experienced Google AdWords specialist to plan your next high-profit campaign!

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online-video advertisement

Google Display Ads

Tired of your Google display ads going unnoticed? Bid adieu to wasted ad spend! Our Google Ads specialists know exactly how to make your Google display ads stand out from competitors with visually appealing designs and attention-grabbing CTAs. And the best part? We'll ensure your ads are displayed where your target customers hang out the most.

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remarketing - Copy remarketing

Google Remarketing

Don't let your potential customers slip away! Our AdWords management agency creates remarketing campaigns to display your ads to those already interested in your products. We design and target ads for specific products a search user explored and display them on sites they visit. So, maximize conversions and reach interested buyers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of Google Ads experts works around the clock to optimize your Google shopping campaigns for maximum results. While results may vary based on factors such as targeting, budget, and competition, you can trust that we’re doing everything in our power to get ads seen by the right audience. Along with this, we keep you updated on your Google shopping campaign’s performance every step of the way.

While both Google Shopping and Google Ads are a part of the same platform, they serve different purposes. Google Shopping agencies allow e-commerce businesses to showcase their products on Google’s SERPs. While Google Ads include a variety of ad formats such as display ads, search ads, video ads, etc. Our team can help you determine which ad formats are best for your business.

Performance Max provides a cutting-edge ad format that allows you to reach your audience across multiple channels, including search, display, and video. Our team can help you assess whether Performance Max is the right fit for your business and help you get the most out of your ad spend. Our team also help you curate top-class Performance Max campaigns that can grow your business.

Partnering with a Google Shopping agency can help you take your e-commerce business to the next level. With a dedicated team of experts, you can expect personalized attention to your account, custom strategies tailored to your business goals, and ongoing optimization to ensure the best possible results. From product feed optimization to ad creation and management, a Google Shopping agency can help you maximize your ROI and drive more sales.

From small startups to large corporates, we have worked with clients across a wide range of industries. No matter your business goals, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

As a Google Shopping feed agency, we believe in transparent pricing. That is why we charge a flat fee for our services rather than a percentage of your ad spend. This way, you know exactly what you are paying for and can rest assured that there won’t be any surprises when it comes to costs.

As your digital marketing agency, we understand how keeping tabs on ad performance is crucial to your success. That’s why we provide regular updates on your account’s performance, including metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions. You can also log in to your Google Ads account to view your campaign’s performance in real-time. And if you have any questions or concerns, our team is always just a phone call or email away.

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