Email Marketing Services

Many people think that in this world of social media & mobile, email is dead. But that’s not true – if you do it in a proven, tested & systematic way. Just like we do…!

With as much as 4000% ROI – Email is still the #1 way of official communication for most people online

Smart online & offline businesses utilize the power of Email Marketing & Auto Responder Follow-up sequences to get more business from their subscribers & list names after the initial sale. Bottom Line – It Still Works If You Do It In A Smart Way.

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Email Marketing & Auto Responder Process

generate more sales at back-end with email automation

  • Customer Avatar Creation

  • Autoresponder Software Setup

  • Squeeze Page & Opt-In Box Design

  • Email Auto Responder Sequence

  • Conversion Tracking & Improvement

Email Copywriting & Auto Responder Services

Email Copywriting

With as much as 4000% ROI, email is still #1 marketing channel for most businesses around. You are missing this great marketing medium if you are not properly using it in your business.

It requires specialized knowledge and expertise to create highly effective Email marketing campaign. Email copywriting results in increased open rate and conversion rate and helps you to build loyal brand followers without spending fortune.

Elements: High converting subject lines, engaging opening paragraph, conversion tracking

Autoresponder Software Setup

AutoResponder is a unique way to amplify your email marketing efforts and engage even more customers at deeper level.

It basically sends per-written emails at a specific time to specific member of your email list. You can track open rate, conversion rate, sales & leads after each email and allows you to do lots of other advance thing. We can set and run carefully created AutoResponder sequence and help you to increase your back-end sales.

Elements: Split testing, Conversion tracking, Schedule broadcast, Email marketing automation, List management

Facts & Benefits of Email Marketing

Emails Marketing is not just sending junk emails to thousands of people who don’t care about it. Here are few facts about effectiveness of email marketing…

  • Customer acquisition via email has quadrupled over last 4 years (in e-commerce market)
  • Email is used far more than FaceBook and Twitter combined
  • As much as 80% people are now using their smart phone for email
  • People prefer to get permission-based marketing messages via email versus any other marketing channel – 77%
  • Email marketing still offers the highest ROI, $41 on every $1 spent
0% ROI With Email
$41 on every $1 spent
0% People Using
their smart phone for email
0% People Prefer
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