Social Media Marketing

Social is the new web.

Social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google Plus are getting more traffic compared any other marketing channel. Not only it’s bringing the world together but it’s heavily influencing the way people make their buying decision. Social mentions, likes & shares are also influencing search engine rankings and it’s impact is going to get bigger in near future.

Increase your brand awareness, reach to your customers directly, talk to them 1 to 1 and boost your business with social media marketing & optimization.

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Social Media Optimization & Marketing Process

more fans, more likes, more followers – more business

  • Social Media Account & Profile Setup

  • Content Creation & Distribution

  • Comments & User Engagement

  • Community & List Building

  • Convert Fans To Customers

Social Media Marketing Services

FaceBook Marketing

With over 1.1 Billion users worldwide, FaceBook is the #1 social media network in the world.

It offers highest level of engagement and global reach,  thus FaceBook Marketing is the best way to dominate the social world. With innovative ways like Share, Like, Fan Page, Suggest, FaceBook Ads and more, you can attract thousands of highly targeted visitors website and business at very affordable budget.

FaceBook is best for B2C companies where you are directly selling to your potential customers.

Google Plus Marketing

Fairly new in the social world but & by search engine giant, Google+ is rapidly growing social media platform. It has over 500 million users and it’s only going to expand in future.

Google+ wins over other social channels in many ways because it has integrated other important properties like Google Local, Author Rank & Hangout with it.

Along with social front, it’s also very useful to get better search engine rank and higher CTR because of this whole integration.

Twitter Marketing

Very famous among Celebrities, Tech Geeks & Media People, Twitter is a unique type of micro-blogging social channel which has over 200 million users.

Some companies use it as a way to keep their customers aware & updated with current situations & events in the company.

Because it has character limit (140), it’s not as versatile as FB OR G+, but it can still drive great traffic to your brand and help you to attract new eyeballs to your website.

B2B LinkedIn Marketing

Very different than other networks, LinkedIn is clearly focused on Professionals, Businesses & Companies.

If you are a B2B company, want to get more business for your business, LinkedIn is the best platform to start with. It’s also extremely useful for professionals or consultants who are looking for job or career change, and companies who are looking to hire new talent in their work force.

Reputation Management

Research says that 48% of customers, who had negative experience with your product or service, told 10 or more others about it. And 23% of customer who had positive experience told 10 or more others about is.

ORM (Online Reputation Management) can help you to get rid of the negative reviews of your brand on the internet and deal it in a practical way.

Pinterest Marketing

The latest addition in this niche is Pinterest which is basically a Visual Social Network, heavily focused on sharing through Images.

Most popular among fashion, beauty, technology & auto world – Pinterest is the fastest growing social media network in recent times. This platform is very efficient to drive traffic to eCommerce websites and it converts very well, better compared to other platforms.

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