Mobile Website Designing

Do you know that as much as 87% of users access mobile internet more than once a day & 50% access it more than 5 times a day. And the website or web pages you view in Laptop or Desktop computer does not look same in the mobile device. Do you understand the impact of this technical issue on your business?

If your website or webpage is not mobile friendly, your visitors are likely to leave your website in just 2 seconds and they will never come back to your website again…!

Ignore this massive shift and get ready to lose as much as 25% of your business in near future.

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Our Mobile Website Designing Process

website that fits perfectly on small screens

  • Need Analysis

  • Website Blueprint

  • Mobile Website

  • Mobile Device Redirect

  • Analyze & Improve

Mobile Website Designing Services

Technical Settings

We take care of all the technical settings of your mobile website as well.

Mobile TLD, server, pages, sections, icons, images, mobile redirect, analytics, mobile directory listing and all the relate technical operation are performed before we launch your website. We also make it search engine friendly for visibility.

Go Mobile Enabled

A normal website, no matter how attractive & useful it is – looks totally different & distorted in most Mobile & Small Screen devices.

We help you to build a website that performs & looks great in every screen size & device like Mobiles, Smart Phones, Tablet & other similar devices.

Useful Features

Unlike the traditional desktop website users, the mobile website visitors have totally different mindset and unique requirements.

We remove the junk and integrate the most common and useful features that helps you to convert your mobile visitors in to in-store visitor or online buyer.

Facts & Benefits of Mobile Enabled Website

Having a mobile website is not an added feature – it’s a necessity, and your business needs it right now.

  • As much as 55% of Americans use mobile devices to access the internet and 25% of mobile web users are mobile only
  • Google says that 3 out of 5 searches are done using a mobile phone
  • 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour
  • “If you don’t do anything else, get a mobile enabled site” Says: Peter Fitzgerald, Google’s retail, technology & business markets director.
0% Americans
use mobile devices to access internet
0 Out of 5 Searches
are done using a mobile phone
0% Mobi Searches
results in action within 1 hour