PPC – Pay Per Click Management

Looking for a measurable, salable & predictable flow of high quality traffic to your website or offer page? Pay Per Click could be the answer for you.

Though it costs some handsome amount of money to run a big PPC Campaign, but as long as the ROI is on positive side, it’s one of the best way to generate new & highly targeted leads for your business.

With sufficient budget & good quality product or service, PPC Advertising can help you to rank on 1st page of top search engines for hundreds of keywords within few days.

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PPC Marketing & Management Process

improve CTR, reduce CPC & boost your ROI

  • In-Depth Research & Account Setup

  • Keywords, Ad Groups, Ad Copy & Targeting

  • Landing Page Creation & Quality Score

  • Conversion Tracking & Split Testing

  • Negative Keywords & On Going Management

PPC Management Services

Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords delivers the highest, fastest & best quality of leads among all the PPC Networks. But do it wrong, and you can end up burning thousands of dollars on unwanted traffic within a single day. We can help you to manage your AdWords account to improve your result, you can expect to double or triple your ROI without spending a single extra dollar.

AdWords Display Network

The Google Display Network helps you increase sales by getting your banner & rich media ads on relevant websites in your niche, in front of more people, more frequently, so that when they are ready to buy, it’s your business or brand that’s top-of-mind. We create and test highly clickable banners and test different things for highest conversion on you display network campaigns.


Remarking helps you increase loyalty by Re-engaging interested consumers. Target your banner ads to people who have already visited your website, even if they didn’t buy anything. Reminding them of your business, product or service is likely to bring them back to your website again and keep your business top-of-mind when they are actually ready to purchase.

FaceBook Ads

Represent your business & brand in front of millions of people, with laser targeted segmenting. FaceBook is world’s biggest & most popular social network with largest audience reach worldwide. Take advantage of this network, best for B 2 C companies who are looking to generate new leads in to their sales funnel. If you are selling something to your customers – don’t miss this channel.

Facts & Benefits of Pay Per Click Marketing

If done correctly, PPC can result into profitable marketing channel with many benefits

  • The biggest benefits is that you can measure the performance of PPC Campaign
  • You can track conversion deep down at Keyword Level, you know what’s working
  • It allows you to remove non-performing Ads & Keywords to improve your ROI
  • You have total control on when & where you Ads are displayed
  • It allows you to test multiple elements in the ad and keep improving it
  • Allows you to improve your Conversion Rate & thus your ROI
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