You Couldn’t March Ahead Into 2016 Without Knowing These SEO Trends

It is vital to stay ahead of the competition in the digital marketing sphere. Here are some significant 2016 online marketing trends that you should be ready to embrace in order to stay ahead of the curve.

  1. The Age Of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

The mobile industry is completely revamping the future of our SEO initiatives and priorities. It is a known fact that most of the time that people spend on the Internet is through mobile devices. Most of the purchases that happen online is because people are using smartphones to get assistance with shopping. If this is where your audience is hanging out, irrespective of you being a local, national. Or an international brand, it is inevitable for you to be present there. Online marketing services providers will now have to adopt strategies for mobile optimized content, mobile ads, responsive design, and also design the social media strategies.

  1. Video Content Will Overtake Other Forms Of Content

Online video traffic is predicted to dominate a considerable percentage of internet traffic by the time 2016 comes to an end. Brands that educate their prospects with videos have more chances of winning their trust as the videos leave a healthy impression on the prospects minds.

Business marketers have claimed that video has helped in enhancing conversion rates more than any other form of content marketing.

  1. The Power of User Generated Content Will Be Leveraged More

Recommendations from peers and reviews are given more importance than those generated by company. There should be enough scope for your prospects to give their opinions and reviews, and for this marketers will need to provide some live-communities or other platforms so that the prospects could engage with your brand.

  1. Search Will Be Beyond Search Engines In 2016

Online Marketing

Facebook has already started working on its own search engines, which is on the testing phase. If rumors are to be believed, even Apple is in the verge of building its own search platform. People have already started using social media to discover information. Thus, search has slowly shifted to other forms of online media and these are signals for marketers to focus on the search marketing strategies.

  1. Micro Targeting Will Play An Essential Role

Micro targeting uses consumer data, analytics and other demographics to help you in understanding the target audience, and give response with tailored messages and content that is specially personalized to meet their needs. This will help in enhancing the prospect’s journey with the help of targeted messages that are more relevant to their needs.


2016 is predicted to be a mixed bag for the online marketing industry with more weight being put on user intent than company’s promotion. What follows up is highly qualified leads that helps you in increasing the conversion rate with maximum ROI.

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