What Points To Think About Before Hiring An SEO Company For Your Business

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is what everyone’s talking about today in the world of Ecommerce and online business. Every other company claims to be expert and experienced SEO consultant companies which can help your business attract great online traffic and subsequent sales by optimizing your business website and online presence. And hence, you as a business owner can experience utter confusion as to which SEO consultant company to hire from the crowd of companies available out there. But before you decide on hiring any SEO consultant company for your business, there are certain points that you should certainly take into consideration. And so, here are some points that you should think about before hiring an SEO company for your business. Read On…

 Information About Past And Current Clients:

The foremost point that you need to think about seriously before zeroing-in on any SEO consultant company is whether that company has a reputable portfolio of work to show. And you should make sure that this portfolio contains both past and present clients of the Company. Also, from the portfolio get the contact information of the clients and straightforwardly ask them about their experience with the company and whether they will refer the company to you too.

 Methods Of Improving The Search Engine Rankings:

As a matter of fact, there are different methods and techniques for improving the search engine rankings and different SEO consultant companies will prefer and apply different methods for improving the Search Engine Rankings of your page. Only opt for those SEO consultant companies who are open to talking and discussing about their methods. You should also see whether the companies explain their SEO strategies and the time taken to achieve your desired goals.

 Guarantee Of Results:

If the SEO consultant company you are thinking of hiring answers in the affirmative as far as the guarantee of results is concerned, then you should straightaway drop the idea of hiring that company or consultant. This is because it is literally impossible for anyone to guarantee number one ranking on any search engine. Moreover it is a fact that only the search engines can control your position on the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs), and hence avoid those SEO companies or consultants who claim to be friendly with the Search Engines.

 Local Search Results:

Before you take a decision on which SEO company or consultant to hire for your business, take into account the company’s experience and expertise in the segment of local search marketing services. This is because if you are a small to medium brick-and-mortar business, then it becomes extremely essential for you to attract nearby customers. And for this to happen, your business should definitely come up on the top local search engine results, and only a company or consultant who has expertise in the local SEO methods can help you do this.

Level Of Transparency:

In the world of SEO, transparency plays a very important role in the success or failure of any project. Hence, the SEO company you are looking to hire should also be fairly transparent with you as far as making changes in your website or webpage is concerned. You should ensure in advance that the company keeps you in the loop about the changes it makes and where. You can also ask the company or consultant to take your permission before making any sort of changes.

 Their Barometer Of Success:

Just like the methods of improving the search engine rankings, the barometers of success in SEO is different for different companies and consultants. And so, make sure that the company you are thinking to hire is well versed in using the Google Analytics in order to track the increase in traffic, the improvement in your site’s search engine rankings, the number of links from other websites, the probable keywords and many other types of stats as well.

 Frequency Of Communication:

The factor of communication is again a varying one as we move from one SEO consultant company to another. And hence to avoid confusion and delay about your project’s progress, you should ask the company in advance about their preferred mode of communication with you such as in person, via call, through Skype, texting or email so that you can remain updated about your project’s progress.

 Pricing And Payment Terms:

Just like any other factors, the total pricing you will need to incur for the SEO of your website or webpage is also a prominent one to consider. Talk in detail about the total remuneration that will be charged by the SEO consultant company, the mode of payment and all such payment terms. In the SEO consulting world, both the parties prefer project-based payments which depend on the size and complexity of the project. Also take into consideration the period for which the payment invoice is generated, and whether there is any sort of interest charged for late payments.

 Post Expiry Of Contract:

Last but not the least, you should also take sufficient information about that stage in your project when the contract between you and the SEO consultant company expires. You should know in advance about the terms and conditions of contract expiration and terms of contract termination. Make sure that the terms are such that the ownership of all the optimized web content remains with you no matter if the contract expires or is terminated by either of the parties. In other words, you should ensure that the SEO consultant company will not remove any of the content that they have optimized in return for payment.

Webmaster Guidelines:

Before you finalize any SEO consultant company for your business, ensure that the consultant company strictly abides by Google’s webmaster guidelines which include prohibition of spammy content, and also addition of fake hidden text and links. This is because if the consultant company fails to stick to the webmaster guidelines, it will be you who will have to face the consequences of having your website pushed to low search rankings. In the worst case scenario, your website can even be banned altogether from the search results by the search engine!!

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