What Makes Inbound Marketing So Challenging Today

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Although most of the companies share the same goals, every marketer experiences different challenges. While some find trouble in finding the right set of resources, some get stuck on hiring the top talent and some end up in the search of technology to meet their business needs.

Whatever is the case, there’s always at least one area where you stand to improve. Apparently, there’s always an opportunity to optimize various components of your marketing strategy and turn your marketing efforts into a better and more effective revenue generator.

So, What kind of obstacles are marketers facing today?

Since a decade or so, the way people buy things has changed dramatically. The way people make their decisions while purchasing has changed, and it is this change that has complicated the marketing world.

Here are a few facts behind the complexity of inbound marketing, let’s go through it and how marketers can address them.

Target Content To Generate More Traffic and Leads

Ten years ago, if people wanted information about a product, service, or a company, they called up a sales representative but today, people use Google to search products and services and visit the website if they find it good. If the website isn’t so good and doesn’t provide what users are looking for, they would simply leave your site and bounce-off to one of your competitor’s site. This is one of the biggest shift, sales and marketing industry has been facing.

Target Content

The top marketing challenge is to generate more traffic and quality leads. With the progressing years and stiff competition, marketers are struggling to produce enough content to meet the demands of the users. With number of options available to publish the content and so many ways to promote it, it’s become difficult to know where to focus the efforts.

When it comes to producing useful content that drives enough traffic, you need to answer these two questions:

Are you creating truly useful and high quality content?

Are you producing the type of content, your audience is actually looking for?

Internet is flooded with content more than ever before. Once you’ve created the type of content your audience wants, focus on promoting your content in a way that makes your audience take notice.

Automation Is A Long Term Investment

For an efficient marketing strategy, you’re going to need advanced technology and automation tools that help you handle the repetitive tasks associated with the new marketing techniques and make them easier. Obviously, you’ll want to spend your time on the strategy and let the automation software do the tedious work.

Efficient marketing strategy

Reporting, posting, sending and updating – all these works take a lot of time. All these tasks can be done by the software while you focus on creating, optimizing, testing, analyzing and reviewing what’s the expectation, what’s working like you wanted and what’s working above your expectations. The deep insight of this data is what drives program performance.

Emails are growing but Email Marketing?

As per the Radicati Group report, over one-third of the worldwide population will be using email by year-end 2019. Means email users are growing at a healthy pace. Because of this email address provider companies have started working on filter out most of the spam to their users by developing new technologies. Gmail has already introduced its own AI to detect and filter email spam.

Whether, its a challenge you can leverage email marketing using advanced tricks with free responsive email templates over the web.

As inbound marketing takes longer to deliver results, don’t give up; stay patient. Moving to inbound marketing, you’ll be able to get better outcomes in the form of more quality leads and generating better revenue. So get started, hire experts and invest some amount to get your marketing machine up and running.

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