Watch Out For These SEO & SEM Trends For 2016

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With search engine’s algorithms making sure that online marketers hesitate while implementing the old-school online marketing techniques, the coming year is going to be an exciting one as there will be a lot of challenges for the marketers.

At the same time, even search engine marketing has not been the same what it used to be earlier. So, there are number of challenges posed in front of today’s online marketers about the best practices that they will have to follow in the coming year: Here are a few suggestions from Clickmatix that will see you through 2016 safe and secure with ethical SEO services.

The Domination Of Mobile

Google has clearly shown its preference for mobile-friendly sites for all the searches taking place on mobile. Marketers have already taken this point seriously as it has been noticed that most of the search optimization budget is spent on mobile platforms. The top online marketing to watch out in 2016 will be the business’ shift to mobile. User experience, content flow and navigation need to be optimized to meet the needs of the growing population searching for information on mobiles.

Get Good Reviews

The key to a better search ranking for your business would be reviews on Google+, Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook and other social and review sites. Google is constantly striving to give the users the best experience and so it relies on the users’ reviews to present relevant results to the searchers. So, the algorithms find those reviews and use them as a trust factor.

Video Advertising Will Boost

Video advertising on sites like YouTube will be less competitive and more cost effective as compared to other formats of online advertisements. However, it does offer a lot of potential to build an online brand and increase the conversion rates. For instance, if the audience hooks with your video, they will engage with the video for 30-60 seconds as compared to the 5-10 seconds glance at search or display ads.

The Age of Native Advertising

The age of native advertising will be more popular than banner ads that have now become very less effective. The native ads like sponsored and branded content in the advertorials will increase the effectiveness.

Advertisers will embrace the practice of placing the ads strategically in valuable content. Advertisers and publishers will work more closely to ensure that paid content adds up more value to the overall user experience.


These days it has become necessary for businesses to have a healthy online presence. Most of the consumers are researching on a business before making a purchasing decision. The above mentioned tips are not only predicted to dominate 2016, but also well in the future for some years for the sheer fact that these trends will only focus on customer engagement.

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