Top 5 AdWords Blunders That You Need To Forefend!

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The ultimate answer to the question “Most powerful tool to use for advertising the business” when asked to the Internet Marketers is the Google AdWords. This is so because the Google AdWords helps you to target the advertising dollars towards the customers who are ready to buy your products or services. This is also applicable for those who are looking to go through the constant stream of prospects for searching your business’s products and services.

There are a number of pay-per-click advertisers who look forward to advertising their business, but they just have limited experience with that. The pay-per-click service does not offer a wide range of exposure and as a result, sometimes they run into common mistakes that could hurt the campaign’s profitability. So, in order to improve the PPC ROI, below are listed some of the common mistakes that should be forefend in order to make gradual improvement with your business:

  • Mistakes with Keyword Match Types:

In Google AdWords world, the Keyword Match Type is one of the least understood aspects which could highly affect the results. When you add the keywords to the AdWords campaign, Google allows you to set up 4 different keywords match type, namely- Broad, Exact, Phrase and Modified Broad that can exactly trigger your ads further. The Broad keyword match is the default setting but not always the best option.

  • Directing traffic directly on homepage:

This is another most common mistake done by Internet Marketers. The visitors whom you secure through PPC ads must be directed to the landing page that is designed to engage the visitors the beat way. If, in this case, the visitors are directed towards the home page, they will be unable to find the required information ultimately resulting into the higher bounce rates. As a result, these missed conversion opportunities are redundant ad expenses.

  • Avoiding the rotation of ad variation:

It is usually recommended to create more than one ad variation, and perform regular rotations, which according to Google will help in performing better that too more frequently. This would ultimately help in gaining big ROI results from the campaign. Also, focus on the frequency of the ad variation that would lead to a fair split test.

  • Avoiding negative keywords:

It is advisable to avoid the negative keywords which could hamper the traffic towards your website. The negative keywords could divert your website traffic from your website and the potential buyers would just be the visitors of the site. So better avoid using these types of keywords.

  • Not measuring the ROI:

If one is running the AdWords campaign without keeping a track of the paid clicks converting into customers then you are simply wasting money. Tracking down the conversions that enters your sales funnel from the AdWords clicks and converting into the customers will help you in future campaigns.

Thus, these were some of the AdWords blunders that must be forefend in order to market and sell your business in your respective industry.

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