The 5 Striking SEO Strategies Worth Trying

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SEO definitely isn’t something that all marketing teams would like to hear about, however, if you want to gain traction from online channels, it is an absolute must. In order to make the process easier, we have listed 5 SEO tactics that will save you the hassles of going through long boring articles on the web.

Ensure that you discuss the following points with your SEO services provider to be assured that they are implementing the best SEO techniques.



Use Header Tags To Specify What The Content Is About

Although, it might sound complicated, it is not. Header tags are heading that gives a signal to Google regarding the topic of your content. In the HTML of the page, header tags look something like this:



If you are looking to get your content ranked in the search engines, it is highly recommended to use the unique header tags. Header tags are the most recommended elements when you want to rank in the search engines. The title of the post has to be in H1 that is important both for UX and rankings. H2 could be used for sub-headings that helps in breaking down the content into consumable sections. The maintain the flow of the content and help the readers in going through the content in a systematic manner. H3 & H4 are again points under the sub-headings and could be used when there are multiple points within a process that you are trying to explain with the help of the content.

Focus On Longer Content

Nowadays you need to ensure that your content gets the desired visibility in the crowd of your competition. Google has ensured that their users only get the best quality of content and are looking for content with real substance. According to a research report by Searchmetrics, the average count of the highest ranking page on Google is 1,285 words. If you are looking to get your content ranked in the search engines, you will need to ensure that it is doing a considerable job in covering the whole topic. You shouldn’t just hang up once you reach a specific word limit, but you will need to ensure that you’re sufficiently giving some value to the content that would be ranked by search engines and liked by your audience.

Ensure Using Variety Of Keywords In The Content

There has been a huge shift in the way keywords are being used in the past few years. Having keywords in various on-page elements, such as header, title, body of the content still plays a significant role. Google also gets an idea about your authority in the niche when you use a variety of keywords that are relevant to your industry. Proof terms and relevant terms are extremely important for acquiring higher rankings. If you are covering a topic you will insert the variety of keywords naturally. It is recommended to use a keyword tool like the Ubersuggest that helps in getting lots of related words and terms.

Make Sure That The Site Is Mobile-Friendly

It is now a known fact that Google has started considering the mobile friendliness of a website in its ranking factor. The new update has also been termed as “
Mobilegeddon” by many. In simple terms if your website is not mobile-friendly you will have a difficult time getting visibility for mobile searches. You could use Google’s mobile-friendly test. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you could consider switching to a responsive website design.

Use Lists And Interactive Elements

It is a common practice to make the pages easy to use and provide a great user experience in order to increase the engagement time on the website that could help in increasing the conversion rate. However, if you want to travel the extra mile and enhance the look of the content you could try adding elements like calls-to-action, menus, lists with bullets and numbers and even this could affect your ranking positively. There is a correlation between the number of bullets in a content and its ranking in search engines. It should be kept in mind that most of the visitors will be visiting your website on the mobile device and if you provide the information in lists, it will be easily consumed by them.


We hope that this post has been successful in educating you which SEO tactics will help you gain longer benefits. Remember that content rules and more the quality and relevancy to user intent, more your chances of getting traffic. Above everything else provide quality and in-depth articles to the readers and do a great job in being relevant to their needs.

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