The 3 SEO Trends For 2016 You Will Regret If Avoided

Although we work to rank on Google, there is nothing that frightens us more than Google. Every now and then, there is a fear of some big algorithm change that is dreaded even by the most seasoned online marketers.

However, there is little that these seasoned marketers and those who follow the best practices have to worry about. There will be a lot to learn from this article if content marketing, search ranking, and SEO is at the core of your marketing activities.

Here are the key trends that business owners, digital marketers, content creators and SEO services providers will need to know before stepping into 2016.

  1. Mobile Searches Will Dominate The Search Industry

Mobile Search

According to eMarketer, the year 2016 will be dominated by mobile searches, to an extent that most of the organic and paid visitors will come from tablets and smartphones.

     How Will Your Business Respond To This Trend?

Your business will have to take a big leap from building a mobile friendly and responsive site, as this are the pre-requisites. Your marketing team or agency will need to have a mobile user mindset for all the decisions based on your website. The aim is to engage the mobile users by giving them optimum experience. So, while building a website, businesses will have to consider the following:

  • Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • Mobile Design

  • Mobile Search Marketing

  • Mobile Payment

  • Mobile CRM

  • Mobile E-Commerce

  • Mobile Coupons

  • and more

  1. Voice Search Will Increase

Voice Search

With text based search, you will search for “Chinese Restaurant”. However with a text search, you could be more specific and say, “Where is the nearest Chinese restaurant?” Voice search takes into consideration the questions words like who, what, where, why, and how. These question terms will define the changing pattern on mobile devices. These question terms will mark the changing search patterns on mobile devices. Desktop searches will be utilized in the in-depth content that couldn’t be answered in short form.

    3. Structured Data And Direct Answers

Google attempts to show you the exact answer based on your search query at the very top of the search page. Its growth has been boosted by the requirements of the mobile and the restrictions of the space and other components in mobile search results.

     How Businesses Could Make Use Of This?

Every information could be provided in structured data. This is how some sites get yellow stars, prices, or snippets in the search listings. Structured data might sound a little complicated, but it is simply tagging a certain data in your web pages to enable easy understanding of the content by the search engines.

Final Words

Mobile searches is slowly and gradually spreading its wings to overtake desktop searches. The writing is on the wall that mobile is the future of digital marketing.

As marketers and business houses, we will need to think of mobile in all our prospecting endeavors.

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