Reasons Why Your Business Shouldn’t Lose Confidence On SEO

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SEO has changed so drastically over the few years that people think that it is dead now and there is absolutely no way one could rank their site as only Google will determine what ranks and what now. Honestly, it was never in our hands to rank the site. We could only help Google and other search engines with some great content so that they could consider ranking us.

SEO is no more a marketing tactic, but it is the optimum tool to create a big online brand. Does this mean that you should reduce your SEO efforts altogether and start looking at other ways of marketing your brand online? I dont think so, as SEO is far from dead. In fact, companies have now adopted the most lucrative strategies that will help them in not only growing, but also sustaining their position on search engines by abiding to the rules of the search engines algorithms. SEO agencies like often get questions from clients who are skeptical about the working of SEO. Here is what Clickmatix has to say.

Here is a list of some reasons why your business imperatively needs SEO:

SEO Is Still Effective

SEO still works if the methodology that you implement is current and are best of practices. However, the focus has completely shifted on user intent post the Hummingbird algorithm. So the website, content, and all the activities pertaining to SEO should ensure that they all are relevant to the users and considers their concerns with all the initiatives of their online marketing campaign.

It Is Still Cost Effective

In comparison to the costs associated with the other methods of online marketing, like email marketing, PPC, advertising, or social media marketing, SEO has a record of providing more ROI for a notably minimal investment. PPC does drive more revenue and social media might be important for your image, the organic SEO in many ways still remains the foundation of your online presence, which if done persistently and consistently will help you gain stability.

Search Engine Gives You A Handsome Market Share

In the customer-centric digital age, people now look up at interviews and other forms of content before moving further down into the buyer’s journey. Almost all the searches for products and services happen online. You definitely don’t want to lose this chance and ensure that you appear in front of them. Organic SEO ensures that whether the prospect is searching for information, product, or service, your brand turns up in the SERP’s and give you more visibility for fulfilling the user intent.

The Increase Of Mobile Internet Access

As compared to the traditional desktop devices, the amount of traffic delivered to mobile devices is substantially higher. A whole new world of effective SEO techniques have opened up for the companies such as local search optimization.


It is more vital than ever for businesses to invest in organic search. Irrespective of the current difficulty for businesses to get the desired visibility, SEO still is the most cost-effective and ROI boosting technique which shouldn’t be avoided at all. If you are looking for online success, you will need a holistic approach to it that includes SEO as the vital component.


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