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Are you looking to increase the audience for your content?

Have you been looking at the new trends of sharing content online that not only gets more audience from the same platform, but also makes your content viral?

Content promotion has evolved, and it is now way ahead of the common practices of social networks.

This article will share 10 content promotion tools to get your content far and wide.

#1: BizSugar

It is a community site, allowing small business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers and publishers share, discover, and also comment on content shared on the platform.

It is a good platform for bloggers who are looking to increase the visibility for their content, thus helping them in driving more traffic to website and network with relevant prospects and entrepreneurs. In addition to that, readers will be able to discover small business – focused content that is rated by the community and also add their own opinions and comments.

BizSugar accepts tips, advice, news, or articles in the form of blog posts and videos that would generate interest among small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs. Thereafter, the content is voted by the community. The best voted content is promoted to the “hot” section or the home page.

If your content is lucky enough and gets popular, it might get into the weekly top 10. The working of this online tool is similar to Business2 Community, B2B marketing zone and more in its league, however this tool is mean for small business content.


#2: Explore B2B

It is a social publishing content for business based content. It consists of contributors who publish articles with main focus on B2B communications. This contribution is further spread by ExploreB2B with the help of its social media presence. There are more than 800,000 followers/fans currently on this platform.

The starting price is $12/month, however it does provide a 30-day trial period for free. Initially, the platform was primarily based on marketing and technology. However, it has expanded its horizons now and covers several other industries and topics.

#3: Bundle Post

If you are looking to utilize other’s content to amplify your brand, check out Bundle Post. The tool automates social sharing and content curation.

It allows adding feeds and alerts for social media marketing professionals, social media agencies and brand marketers.

The system is updated multiple times in a by aggregating, ingesting, and saving the post. Posts are formatted and ready to be selected for scheduling. Users control what is being shared and could find, schedule and hashtag most recent content for 3-5 days in 20 minutes.

#4: Oktopost

Oktopost saves a lot of time. It is a social media management platform that helps marketers in monitoring keyword or brand mentions and engaged with followers, pre-schedule updates and measure results of the social campaigns.

A user is able to schedule posts across various networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and more for company and personal pages.

It is different from platforms like HootSuite and Buffer as its main focus in on B2B marketing. Users are able to segment the posts into social campaigns, and track and compare the performance.

Oktopost also measures the conversion rate and captures the lead data to support ROI analysis. It also supports publishing on LinkedIn, and also integrates other marketing automations and CRM platforms.

#5: Taboola

It is a content discovery platform and a content recommendation engine that connects people to the content in which they are interested, based on what they are currently consuming. The company describes it as a reverse search engine. It doesn’t have people looking for information, but the information looks for people. This platform is best for mid to large sized sponsored content creators that represent verticals such as financial, entertainment, sports, news and health.

Taboola is currently giving more than 150 billion recommendations to more than 400 unique visitors every month across a range of publisher sites that include high-traffic venues like USA TODAY, TMZ, The Huffington Post, FOX Sports and more to monetize the traffic.

#6: NewsCred

It is a premium content marketing platform that is designed to simplify and scale the content marketing process. It is for brand marketers from large enterprises.

Prominent firms like GE, Johnson & Johnson, and Pepsi are its customers. NewsCred’s content marketing cloud software allows users to create, source, publish, and scale the performance of the content.

It also gives access to licensed content from more than 4000 publications that range from New York Times to Gawler and also original content written by professional journalists.


There are several ways to amplify your content to reach the maximum number of people. Thsese tools helps you in making sure that your content reaches the right set of people, at the right time in order to create brand awareness. These tools helps bloggers, and online marketing managers to go beyond the common ways of sharing the content with their audience.

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