Jack & Jill Crossed The Digital Eclipse In 2016! Know How!

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Jack & Jill crossed the digital eclipse with the help of given digital strategies in 2016

January finally ends, and now the thoughts turn to what kind of methods/strategies the rest of 2016 holds.

Digital marketing is a fast moving landscape – is just an irony! This digital world seems to be a constant onslaught of new technologies, methods and targeting goals to be understood and explored every week. Such constant evolution is pretty hard to keep up; still this constant evolution is the best thing about the industry. There are many different aspects to sustain and innovation can be created and found in many different angles. Here I want to dig out the crystal ball and emphasize on these seven trends to keep an eye out for in 2016.

2016 Digital Marketing Resolutions

  • Mirror Mirror On The Wall..Mobile Search Everywhere!

Mobile search has completely overtaken the desktop search and it seems like mobile will again dominate in 2016. According to the stats mobile usage surged in 2015 and even Google released the Mobilegeddon algorithm which preferred mobile-friendly websites. Moreover, we are not telling that desktop traffic will disappear, but mobile traffic will be more dominating. And it’s already happening, in 2015 more people used mobile search than web search in 10 different countries.

  • Johny Johny! Yes Papa..Please Come Back! – Content Remarketing

Content is king and content marketing is queen, we are been aware about these facts, right? We all have been writing blogs, e books, white papers and other useful content. But however your viewers will read the content and won’t fill up the form. Down in the mouth? Wondering what could be the trick to ask them to come back and fill the form? The answer is content Re-Marketing!

Content re-marketing one of the best processes of local digital marketing – is process of catching the visitors on your site and retargeting with the content after they leave. Make sure your content is engaging which easily convinces to come to your site and initiate a buy.

Local Digital Marketing

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.. Catch The Little Star ‘PPC’

Catch the little star ‘PPC’ and change the future of advertising. I know till now you would have got the gift that now you can target individuals with particular ads, based on given number and email. So now you can put on direct ads or content which easily addresses the need or requirement of a targeted individual.

  • Baba Baba Black Sheep..It’s Time To Grow Up On Instagram

The digital society we live in loves to see visual stimulation and Instagram feeds just shares your need. Now the corporate heads have started using this advantage for their own advantage. Lately, Instagram started with paid advertising opportunities through few selected partners. As now it is not available to everyone, but in 2016 it will be available to every business advertisers. Hence, I suggest to get those creative juices flowing and start thinking about your sell through Instagram.

  • Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around..Video Marketing Is Doing Rounds!

It’s the year we are about to see more and more video’s related to business. The world we live in is far removed from the TV dominated one of old. This year business should use videos to engage and educate their audiences. Well created videos will give a serve a good face and personality of your brand and this leads to loyalty and trust. In 2016 Google will take video into account much more through its processes and programmatic video is even on rise. All such factors are working in tandem with an ever increasing availability of inventory – meaning that it is going to be an incredible year for video advertising.

2016 is shaping up to be another interesting year adorned with technological advances. Moreover these will be surely a great help to the marketers and will enable brands to explore new routes for their growth.

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