How Your Business Could Afford To Hire An Inbound Marketing Agency

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Many businesses simply avoid inbound marketing because of their perception of inbound being too expensive. Businesses are skeptical about the ROI generated by inbound marketing and thus they doubt the effectiveness of an inbound marketing campaign.

In this article we will show you how your business could afford to employ an inbound marketing agency and leverage its power to ensure online marketing success.

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Costs Per Lead From Inbound Marketing

The only way you could measure the effectiveness of any sales and marketing activity is by knowing how much average cost does it take to generate lead. The less cost associated with a lead, the better ROI you will be able to measure from the investment.

Inbound marketing costs very less as compared to outbound marketing. Inbound takes into account various online marketing components such as blogs, email, social media, organic search, and more. Inbound marketing methods are 60% cheaper than their outbound counterparts. There are various reasons for the same:

  • Less upfront costs

  • Qualified leads

  • Targeted message

Why You Should Hire An Inbound Marketing Agency?

If inbound marketing is so cheap and cost-effective, why doesn’t your business employ the same. An local inbound marketing services provider will incorporate a team of qualified and experienced professionals who have been doing all the activities of inbound marketing for a long period of time. The knowledge comes from extensive training only.

InBound Marketing

In addition to that, inbound marketing is a time-consuming activity. There are numerous activities that goes into the building of an inbound marketing agency, including content development in various formats, researching the market, distribution of content through various platforms and tools, managing social media accounts, taking care of organic search, managing email lists and campaigns and more that takes most of the man-hours.

In order to do it rightly, you will need to employ a team of 30-50 inbound marketing pros to get the results that you will need.

What Your Investment Will Be If You Manage Inbound Yourself?

There will be various slabs that you will have to consider while setting up an inbound marketing team, ranging from $10,000 to $40,000. If you want to build an inbound marketing department that includes a director, manager, two executives and an assistant, this will be a sizeable investment for a small business.

It’s Wise To Hire An Inbound Marketing Agency

When you hire an inbound marketing team, and although you might be getting a huge amount of leads, it might take some time to record a healthy ROI because you have already invested hugely on the team.

In sharp contrast, the campaign cost that you will pay to the inbound marketing agency will be quite low than building a whole team, and this will help you in recording a good ROI which could further be increased if you let the agency experiment more with other tactics to increase the business.

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