How Small Businesses Could Beat The Big Sharks In SEO

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Search marketing is ever-growing in terms of popularity and the most bankable source of acquiring traffic. Almost all the businesses around the globe, whether big or small and regardless of which industry they are in, they all have some kind of web presence.

While larger companies have millions of links and decades of content on the web, there is no wonder that they dominate the top ranking on search engines. Irrespective of which industry you’re in, you will definitely have at least one competitor who has put in more efforts than you and has been around longer. So, how does your small business get the exposure on search engines with limited experience and resources? The best answer is SEO, and the good news is that SEO is no more about the volume of links. It is all about quality. Here are some strategies that will help you in.

1. Specialize In Niche

The best thing to do is to give your business a niche-oriented focus. Initially, you might be thinking that you will need to cover as many areas of expertise as you could. It is advisable to put more efforts on one major or a handful of keywords, rather than going with all the specializations in your field. This will give you higher search visibility.

2. Embrace the long-tail keyword strategy

Long tail keywords strategies help you in letting go minimal ranking potential keywords to make room for highly popular keywords for a huge ranking potential. Long-tail keywords are the long phrases that Google looks for that seem to be like question and are more descriptive in nature. The possibilities are higher to rank for long-tail keywords as compared to the shorter keywords.

3. Leverage Locality For Optimization

One more way you could beat the competition is by focusing on the local audience. Local search has started to become more significant for small businesses. With the help of optimizing for a specific local area, you have the chances of capturing a niche-related market share and reduce the competition levels for a local area. The following are the most lucrative ways in which you could implement local SEO for your small business:

  • Attending and conducting events

  • Local reviews

  • Hyper-local content

4. Personalize Engagement On Social Media

Apart from local search optimization, you could also increase the chances of overtaking competition by incorporating a personal touch in the brand strategy. Large businesses lose this opportunity once they hit a certain point in growth. However being a small business you are going steady in terms of growth on social media, and so you could provide a more human-experience.


There is absolutely no shortcut to make it to the top of the search engine rankings, when there is a massive line of competitors. However, with a strategy that factors your local area and your awareness, you could gradually overtake your competitors.

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