How Digital Changes Media Relations

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It doesn’t surprise us to know that the way people connect with the internet has completely revolutionized. As far as interaction over the media is concerned, there are numerous changes that have taken place.

The jobs of reporters have undergone a drastic change and as a PR professional, the way we service that industry should change as well.

  • News Should Be Developed In Real Time

The news are available to everyone in real time, 24 hours a day. As a result, reporters have to be ready with them at the earliest. Twitter is the fastest way to make news viral. There should be an outlet that is dedicated to Twitter with proper hashtags and trending terms that entices the audience to seek longer-form story on the platform.

Tweeter News

This point should be kept in mind by the local digital marketing agency, it will be of vital importance for you to compile the facts as you might get a call. Competition between outlets is ferocious and you will have to ensure that they dont go to someone else.

  • Everybody Could Become A Reporter With Social Media

With the help of social media that is so easily available to everyone, anyone could become a reporter. Not only does this mean that the message could now be controlled, but you could investigate on every rumor about your brand.

You will get a lot of inquiries, but there will be some that are true. There will be a lot of inquiries that are off-topic, however there will be some that will be true.

With all your responses, you will have to be consistent with the response. If you claim that some of the reports and allegations are false, do it with proper evidence.

  • Stay cautioned

Stay cautione with social media


You will always get in touch with someone from the media who is always on the lookout for a story, so you will need to be in touch with the happenings in the organization. If you wait too long to reply, it will only give a chance to your followers and prospects to build wrong perceptions about your brand.

Getting blindsided gives you a huge disadvantage in putting together a response. Waiting too long allows others to make their own conclusions as to what happened, while rushing to put out a statement can be detrimental if you do not think through all scenarios.

This is where trust comes into play. If you have established a trust with the media you regularly work with, there is a chance that they will give you a heads up and a chance to respond before reporting. It is in their best interest as well to be able to provide an instant response and it is smart to take advantage of that opportunity when afforded.Although this world of instant reporting changes things drastically and causes challenges, it can also work to your benefit with strategy and planning. You can’t prepare for everything, but you can certainly set up policies and procedures to help set you up for success.

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