Exciting Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2016

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With the beginning of the New Year 2016, you must be expecting something new and different hot marketing trends in the social media industry. You must be interested in knowing where the social media pros are trying to focus their attention, right?

Before we have a glance at 2016 innovative trends of social media, let us just have a quick recap on 2015 social media trends. In 2015, new platforms made a number of popular networks were monetized with sales through social media and many more. Now for this year, gear up yourself to know interesting predictions by social media optimization companies about how the trends of social media marketing will change and what action-packed news will comes out in 2016:

social media marketing trends 2016 predictions from experts

  • Social Media is going private:

    This year, the majority of the social activities are going to happen at two unique as well as private places, namely- messaging apps and private groups. Whether it is LinkedIn or Facebook, the private groups have already been used by most of the people. Besides that, SnapChat started this revolution, but still the shift to different messaging apps would force the brands to get private and personal with their social media expenditure.

  • More traffic means more money to invest:

    This is another trend setting factor in 2016. The two main reasons for this includes- year-over-year the number of Twitter active users has stalled resulting into leveling off and the second reason is the stock prices. Usually, the tech investors are concerned with the user growth rather than profits and so for gaining traffic they may have to invest more money.

  • Adapting social strategies around people:

    2016 is a year where a number of companies are interested in implementing adaptive social. The more one get a chance to engage and collaborate with the external as well as internal social media users for the business, the more there is a need to adapt to their communities in order to meet the needs of ultimate success.


  • Critical to customize visuals by platform:

    Just like 2015, the visual marketing is going to grow in 2016 as well while making it absolutely necessary for the brands to deliver a solid plan. This may include different kind of visuals, including multimedia, a long and short form of video and many more. Even graphics for blog content are going to be popular in 2016.

  • Mainstreaming the live video:

    2015 was the year that started an era of live-casting with the help of different new technologies like Facebook Live, Periscope, Blab and many others. Continuing the trend, 2016 will deliver some of the live broadcasts that will help in reaching the entire new level of social media marketing.


With the growing social media trends, 2016 will offer you a lot more changes along with the above-mentioned trends. Just get ready to embrace new and innovative trends.

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