Breaking The Barriers With A Revolutionary Local SEO Strategy

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Are you doing the local SEO for your business on your own? Are you finding it difficult to carve your path amidst the crowd of your competitors? You might be carrying out all the local SEO techniques from the book, however you are still feel you are not successful in getting the desired amount of visibility on search engines.

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In your local SEO initiatives, you might have done the following:

  • Optimize the Google My Business Profile

  • Got Reviews From Your Customers

  • Built The Basic Citations

  • Removed The Citations Issues

  • Got A Few Backlinks

  • Posted New Localized Content

Still you are not ranking for local searches. Have you looked at your competitors? They are probably doing the same things as you. Even your guaranteed SEO services provider is following the footsteps of your competitors. Perhaps you are reverse engineering exactly what your competitors did. So, here’s is the big question:

“If You Did Exactly The Same Thing As Your Competition Does, Why Do You Deserve To Be On The First Page Of Google?”

Here are a few consideration that will help you in breaking the barriers:

1. Firstly, don’t ignore the basics:

Though we are telling you to break the barriers while leaving the orthodox ways behind, it is essential that you implement the basics and then think out of the box to get an edge over your competitors. This includes the basic citations like the NAP (name, Address, & Phone) to the optimization of the landing pages to ensure that the basic business information is up-to-date.

2. Think about the organic ranking factors:

When you consider the ranking factors, think that Google wants to provide the best user experience to stay dominant. The algorithms are going to change, but the traditional ranking factors are still there to inspire you. Here are some common errors that are hampering your growth on search engines


Here are some common errors that are hampering your growth on search engines.

  • Not having a mobile-friendly website

  • The theme is not SEO-friendly

  • The site speed is too slow

  • There are several 404 errors

  • Title tags are missing

  • Heading tags are missing

  • You are not having adequate hyper-local text content

  • Not getting enough review

3. Don’t cease citations & links

You might have taken care of the SEO practices and are not winning. Perhaps you should be doing things by going out of your jurisdiction.

  • Create useful videos and promote them well.

  • Carry out competitive citation analysis.

  • Start getting new links and continue to do so.

  • Work together for both online and offline.


Be realistic with your goals and ensure that you have a mix of various methodologies in addition to the traditional SEO techniques. No matter how much you walk on the path of your competitors, there is one little idea in your head that is striving to pop out and shatter all the hurdles to rank you on the top. Take the path less taken to carve you way on the first page of Google.

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