5 Mainstream Digital Marketing Trends For The Rest of 2015

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In the last few years, digital marketing has completely transformed to give businesses a great platform to market themselves. This substantial transformation has made it an important medium for generating a memorable online brand experience.

Just like any other technology that constantly evolves, online marketing is also rapidly evolving by adopting new standards and bidding goodbye to the old ones. So, what’s in store for the digital marketers in the new year?

Before we, move ahead to know the best practices for online or local internet marketing in the current year, let’s not forget the base of all the tactics- and that’s giving an online experience that will blow the minds of the target audience.

Content Marketing Is Growing & It Will Continue

What distinguishes big brands and also the small ones that have tasted success to those that are not successful, is that the successful brand’s marketing is backed by a strong content marketing strategy. They win their customers’ trust by creating valuable content and distribute it on a myriad of channels. Instead of relying on tested solutions, brands will now pay more attention to providing an enhanced customer experience and curate content with more emphasis on their message, and the usefulness to the target audience.

2015 will see companies raising their budgets allocation for content marketing. Also, a sharp rise is slated to be observed in the number of companies understanding the importance of content marketing. B2B companies with blogs are expected to generate 67% more leads per month that those brands that don’t have their own blogs. The key to the success in your digital marketing endeavors will be relevant content posted regularly on the blog.


Mobile-Optimization Will Gain More Importance

Of course, mobile-optimization was in the priority list of many brands in the 2014, however 2015 will notice a significant rise in the number of brands adapting to this technology. Companies will be more focused on having a responsive site or mobile app, and content optimized for the mobile and social media marketing as well.

We know that Google has been laying emphasis on having a mobile-friendly site, stating that it is now relevant for optimal search results. 2015 will immensely be a year of businesses incorporating mobile into all the areas of the digital marketing, a fully responsive website, mobile ads, and separate content specifically for mobile website users.

Businesses will also begin to realize the necessity of a mobile social media strategy that will consider how the mobile users will consume and interact with the posts on social media platforms.

Brands Will Spend More On Social Media Ads Realizing The Potential Of Social Media Websites

Facebook reported an increase of ad revenue by 10% in the first part of 2014. As the reach of organic post continues to fall, paid advertising is only going to increase as businesses are looking to increase businesses struggle to maintain traffic and sales from the social media channels.

Businesses have started observing positive results from the investment in the social media, including the increased exposure and traffic, and are seeing paid social ads as a lucrative way to scale the results. Twitter’s new advertising options, where the payment is triggered by the website clicks, e-mail opt ins, app downloads and more, are looking forward to give advantage to small and medium-sized businesses to invest in the objective based campaigns.

Ad-Retargeting Will Grow

This is quite a lucrative marketing strategy that has invited lot of speculation lately. In simple terms, it utilize the browser cookies in order to tract the websites that users visit.

The ideas is to show them the ads of the same products or services that they had viewed earlier, whenever they visit another site.

It is quite obvious why this marketing technique works. It is because only two percent of the web traffic converts on the first visit, while ad retargeting reminds the consumers that they need the product or the service, and thus increase the overall conversion rate. This keeps the brand of the product running in the minds of the consumer.

Psychological studies show that simple exposure to the brand names and logos will create familiarity, which builds trust and makes the consumers most likely to purchase.

Even if they don’t respond immediately, they may think of buying at a later stage of time. Owing to the success that this marketing channel has brought to many marketers, this marketing method is all set to become more mainstream in 2015.

SEO, Social Media, And Content Will Work Together

Although social signals don’t carry the same weightage as the other high quality inbound links, they are quite unavoidable for the role that they play in ranking in organic results.

After all, they constitute one of the three pillars of SEO. Since the goal of Google and other search engines is to provide the users with relevant and high quality, it also makes sends why they consider the number of social stats that a blog post, article or a product page receives.

The more content getting shared, the higher the quality is likely to be, and therefore the position should increase within the search engine results. It is no coincidence that the top-ranking search results tend to have a lot of social shares, while those that rank lower have fewer.


In order to stay in terms with the moving trends, it is vital for the companies to respond to the behavior and preferences of the targeted audience and follow the consumers in the daily use of the web. Looking at the digital marketing trends for 2015, one thing is evident. That the marketers are ready to accept changes and work towards what the consumers want.

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