5 Little Tricks To Drive More Web Traffic Through PPC Landing Page

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The best way to increase the performance of your PPC campaigns is optimizing the landing page. When done right, Pay Per Click is the most effective way to drive more web traffic on your PPC landing page. As PPC is one of the best methods of getting high quality leads and qualified traffic to your landing pages, it can often be quite an expensive way to get clicks.

But there are few unique tips through which you can beat out the competition and get stunning results. Though these tricks and tactics will require some extra work, but the results are worth it.

In this post, I am going to revise some of my favorite tricks to drive more PPC landing page traffic. From simple tweaks to show-stopping PPC landing page optimization strategies, each of the techniques listed below will have an immediate impact to maximize your ROI and your conversion rates. So, if you’re looking to put in some extra effort, here are a few things you can do to get god results from PPC without destroying your budget.

1.Mobile Optimization

Today, more people search on mobile devices than on the desktop which means being mobile-specific is more important for your advertising efforts than ever. The earlier you create a mobile PPC strategy that works, the more clicks you’ll get to stay ahead among the competition.

Mobile Optimization

The rules of mobile advertising differs from the desktop ones – for example, there may be a specific position of your ads which makes a difference on the desktop web pages, but on mobile it’s crucial. Mobile advertising is quite different from desktop advertising To see how well your ads perform on the different platforms, you require to segment your data by device. These analytic will help you analyze whether or not your PPC strategy is working on the mobile devices.


There are various reasons why people leave your landing page without converting. Often, there’s no specific reason why people leave your landing page and never come back. So, how do you bring them back?

Through Retargeting, you can place a cookie on the browser of your visitors and ensure that your brand stays in front of your lost users. Since retargeting clicks usually do not cost much, virtually every PPC campaign performs better when you add retargeting in your campaign.

3.Social Promotion

Even though PPC is a paid search option, it is not restricted to only the search engines. There’s another viable medium which is social media. Generally, paid search targets the people who are actively looking out for a solution to their problem.


However, Social media can help you build brand awareness through social promotion so that people know what you have to offer before they decide their problem. You can use retargeting to make sure your products and services stay visible to them until they’re ready to buy . To really make this strategy work, you’ll need a solid social media strategy, time and efforts, it will surely pay off.

4.Bidding On Competitor’s Branded Terms

If you’re buying ads, they’re worth only if they help you grab some of the traffic, otherwise they will go to your competitors. If you are able to take your brand in front of a competitor’s potential customers, it will give you a great opportunity to get the visitors who are already interested in your product or service, and interested in comparing what’s available.

So, set up your landing page properly, and you’ll likely be able to capture not only your competitor’s traffic, but their conversions as well.

If you’re not sure how to get the copy on your landing page where it needs to be, there are many websites which can help you with writing or copywriting services.

5.PPC Strategy & Conversion Tracking

Regardless of your PPC strategy, if you don’t track and analyze your ad performance, you’ll probably end up wasting money.It is critical that you pay attention and modify or kill the areas of your strategy that don’t result in improving your conversions.

PPC Converstion

In order to know how is your strategy working on the whole, you need to track conversions. And if you want to optimize your PPC landing page, you’ll should be able to track how much you’re spending on marketing at every step of the campaign’s journey.

Your ads may be getting a lot of clicks, or your landing page may be getting a lot of people to convert, but if your marketing strategy isn’t making more than it costs, it’s a waste of money.


So, put in some great efforts to find the area-of-focus of your PPC landing page strategy and the areas which aren’t working to cut them out. That’ll clear up space in your budget to find better ways to bring visitors to your landing page and make more sales.

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