2 SEO Secrets For 2016 That Will Stand Tall

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We are very close to 2016 and search marketers have already been thinking of the links, keywords, content, and conversion strategy that will be worthy in the new year.

If you are already successful with your efforts in the coming year, or are still waiting to taste success, the following 5 strategies will ensure that you could gain traction during the course of the next year.

Time To Take Mobile Seriously

Mobile searches are predicted to surpass desktop searches in the year 2016. The upcoming year will see mobile search reach the stage where a majority of organic traffic, spend, and paid clicks will be generated from smartphones and tablets rather than the traditional medium of desktop and laptop search. Those looking for ethical seo services, should have to confirm with the provider about their mobile strategy.

How Could Your Business Take Advantage Of Mobile Searches?

In addition to making the website mobile friendly and responsive to the devices, you will need to travel an extra mile. Your online marketing strategy will need a dedicated mobile mindset for all the website and product based decisions. You will need to consider how the content appears on the smartphone before finalizing the website, product and service pages, and also the layouts.

The aim is to give the mobile users the same experience when they are visiting the desktop environment. Also, Google’s “Mobilegeddon” algorithm has ensured that businesses start taking this particular aspect seriously, as mobile-friendly websites are labeled so in mobile search results. In simple terms, businesses could use the power of all the following elements to ensure that they get more visibility for mobile searches as well:

  • Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile Design
  • Mobile Search Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Mobile eCommerce
  • Mobile Payment
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile Coupons

Ensure That You Claim Your Business On Google Search Maps and Google+

Most of the consumers visit a store the same day they see it on their mobile search results. Local business are the best beneficiaries of the rising mobile searches, especially in the case of hospitality venues, restaurants, cafes, hotels and more. This shows the importance of listing the business on Google Plus Local, Maps and also customizing the search appearance.

Businesses will need to ensure that they have completed the description of products, services, images, videos, and social reviews.

The Age Of Voice Search

Voice search has given an opportunity to searches to be more specific with their searches. With text based searches, you might be typing “dentist,” whereas with voice search you have to freedom to search by saying, “Where is the nearest dentist?” Voice search encourages the queries that ask questions in form of Who, Where, What, When, Why, & How.

These are the terms that would define how the search patterns are changing on mobile devices. Google is launching a voice recognition search feature on Google apps. Voice search will change the behavior of consumers by enabling faster searches than that by typing. The main motive is to embrace the increasing popularity of mobile search and make search engines more efficient for the users, thus saving time and effort.

How You Could Adapt To Voice Search

You will need to improve the efforts on local SEO. Search results will depend on many factors and the vital one is the full details about your NAP, products/services, reviews and local citation. It is now also important to make the apps search friendly. Apps are getting more and more integrated with Google Search results since Google has started indexing the app content.

Looking at this, businesses could make sure that their app is there on search results under the web and applications, thus making it more accessible to the targeted users.

One more way you could use the power of voice search is by mixing it with content marketing and SEO. For instance, you are generating a list of long tail keywords to identify the popular words and phrases that users are searching for is only necessary or vital when it is mixed with a relevant content strategy that involves how-to-guides, explainer videos, FAQs, facts, and more.


The above mentioned 2 secrets have made it clear that in all your digital marketing efforts, the center point is always going to be your targeted prospects. So, irrespective of what you feel is the best strategy for SEO in 2016, you will need to ensure that you are keeping the ideal persona at the back of your mind to get magical conversion rates.


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